Email Delivery and Compliance Expert

Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Work Type: Full Time
  • 5 or more years minimum experience in Email Marketing, Compliance and Delivery.

  • Mandatory experience with cloud infrastructure providers (i.e. Mailgun, Twilio SendGrid, Sparkpost,  etc)

  • Mandatory Experience in MySQL- joins, query conditions  
  • An individual with recognized compliance and deliverability expertise.

  • Ensure high inbox deliverability rate for all email campaigns

  • Be the expert on email best practices, technologies, trends, and CAN-SPAM laws

  • Continually monitor and analyze key KPIs; identifying trends, problems, opportunities, and shifts in behavior while iterating on existing campaigns to optimize each for maximum performance

  • In-depth experience using third party email service provider platforms

  • A deep understanding of journey mapping, email triggers, segmentation, and behavior targeting

  • Experience identifying and interpreting key performance indicators to optimize email messaging, promotional opportunities, and campaign design

  • Experience with SMS and browser-based notifications a plus

  • Has knowledge of global and regional data collection and handling requirements from both a legislative (CAN-SPAM, GDPR etc.) and receiver (Gmail, Microsoft etc.) perspective.

  • Understands the technical aspects of email, including FBLs, DNS, DKIM, SPF, DMARC, TLS and other core infrastructure.

  • Strong knowledge of Blocklist Mitigation.

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